It’s been a month since I started coding my project Refining Code Critics at Google Summer of Code with Pharo Consortium. Time has passed so quickly! I will limit my experience until now in three words:

  • Challenging: understanding the rules engine, learning about Spec, CriticBrowser migration, and looking for the best way to refactor code were some of the challenges that I encountered at the time; And I am sure, I will find more. Although, the best part of the day is when you overcome these challenges!
  • Amazing: everything I’ve learned, the people I’ve met, the powerful programming language Pharo…

There is a great motivation to use open source projects. However, I think we can be more than just users and we can contribute as developers. It’s not necessary to have great knowledge to start doing so with Pharo. For example: there are some issues tagged as “good first issue” and “easy”, that consist in adding commentaries, renaming classes/methods and some others that are self explanatory that consists in only copying and pasting a line of code using Finder tool, just like in the following example issue #5271.

Pharo is a pure object-oriented programming language in the tradition of Smalltalk…

Alejandra Cossío Chavalier

Software engineer student. My biggest passion is teaching and contribute I love coding I’m a curious person, researcher & open source enthusiastic!

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