Best friend for those new contributors in Pharo

Step 0: Welcome to Pharo

Image 1. Creating new VM
Image 2. Select Pharo 9.0 :)
Image 3. Launch or double click on Pharo 9.0 :)

Step 1: Open Finder

Image 4. Select Finder tool

Step 2: Select the keywords to search within a group

Image 5. Issue #5271
Image 6. Look for isAllAlphaNumerics

Step 3: Check within the results found for what is being looked for

Image 7. Results for isAllAlphaNumerics
Image 8. Location for isAllAlphaNumerics
Image 9. Pharo’s System Browser. Ref: “Why Pharo Might be the Future of Software Development”

Step 4: Modify as desired

Image 10. Changes at Github



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