Refining Code Critics; my first month on the GSoC’21

Work package 1 — Improving Descriptions

Table 1. Rule’s groups with their respective amount of rules that were verified for this work package
Image 1. Example of a broken rule offering automatic fix to critique using Changes Browser
Image 2. Understanding in broad terms how a broken rule acts to generate a critique

Work package 2— Critic Browser migration

Image 3. Example of one of the class in the package Tool-CriticBrowser witch inherits from the deprecated ComposablePresenter
GIF 1. A quick look at the CritiqueBrowser running with Spec2

Work package 3— Enhancing Code critiques global browser

Image 4. Split code difference view for Image 1
Image 5. Current select software packages and a quality rules-group view for Critic Browser
Image 6. Select packages, classes, methods view of RewriteToolsSet to apply on CritiqueBrowser



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